Private Rentals & Photography

Laurel Hill is a unique setting to host gatherings and weddings for those who are interested in history, cemeteries, horticulture, or are looking for an eccentric event space. Help us guide you in your planning by completing the following form or by calling 610.668.9900.

**PLEASE NOTE: October 2021 & October 2022 are unavailable for all private rental inquiries, including weddings, due to cemetery programming, which supports the preservation, protection, and promotion of our historic sites.

If your group would like a private tour of Laurel Hill or West Laurel Hill Cemetery, please complete the form on this page.


Photography and videography are permitted on Cemetery grounds.

The use of extensive equipment and lights, as well as the use of human models, costumes and props, and/or financial gain from the resulting still or motion pictures constitute a commercial shoot. Those wishing to use Laurel Hill Cemetery for this purpose should also fill out the below form and staff will contact you for pricing and scheduling.

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