Tour & Activities

Tour & Activities

Laurel Hill Cemetery’s gates are open seven days a week from early morning until early evening. Admission to the site is free, and we invite guests to visit Laurel Hill at their own leisure for a self-guided walking, driving or mobile tour. If interested, stop by the office to pick up a map of the Cemetery grounds, download the mobile app or to purchase a $3.00 guide highlighting the graves and histories of some of our best-known residents. The grounds are also open for exercise, nature walks, dog-walking (with a leash), biking, picnics or relaxation.

Download our 2019 Winter/Spring Calendar of Events here.

Educational Mission

Educational Mission

The educational mission of the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery is always interpreted through the art of history—not only for what our past can teach the present, but also for how our present can ben…

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Kids Tours

Kids Tours

Laurel Hill now offers free Activity Packs for families with children or for school or other groups. Please feel free to pick these up at our office. For groups larger than 10 in number, contact us in…

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Private Tours and Speakers Series

Private Tours and Speakers Series

The Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery welcome school groups, organizations, special parties or just friends and families who are interested in taking a personalized tour of the Cemetery. We also offer t…

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​Private Ghost Hunts

​Private Ghost Hunts

Is there anything on the other side? What becomes of our life energy after we die? Your group can experiment firsthand with ghost hunting equipment while joining Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators t…

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