Annual Fund

2018 Annual Fund

Laurel Hill is the story of you. Laurel Hill is the story of us. It is a story that embraces the past, the present, the perpetual. For over 180 years, since its founding in 1836, Laurel Hill has remained a free and fully accessible educational and recreational resource for families, for nearby communities, and for faraway visitors. The Friends of Laurel Hill was established in 1978 to ensure that it remains as such. This is our commitment to you and yours. This is our promise for generations to come.

Why should Laurel Hill matter to you? Even if your loved ones do not rest at Laurel Hill Cemetery, its mission is bound to preserving the memory of everyone who has passed before us. Each and every person has a life story. All stories, whether ordinary or extraordinary, famous or infamous, matter. All lives deserve to be remembered.

Why should you support Laurel Hill? All of the above. So much more.

Your gift to the Friends’ 2018 Annual Fund for Laurel Hill Cemetery will make a true difference. Your support will render possible a monumental year of growth and progress. With funding from various regional foundations, including a $200,000 lead grant from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the Friends restored the historic entrance that once existed at Laurel Hill’s Kelly Drive facade last year. This project, arguably the most significant undertaking to occur at Laurel Hill in the past century, renders the cemetery accessible to tens of thousands of new visitors, whom will be served by dozens of new programs and collaborations. With this project complete, the Friends continue to look to the future and restore more of the site’s landscape and monuments to their original grandeur - beauty which our patrons can continue to enjoy at no cost, each and every day. Because of you, all of this will be possible. Because of you, all of this will be worthwhile.