To Set Them Free: An Abolitionism Walking Tour of Laurel Hill

Themed Tour on Sunday, June 19 from 1 to 3 PM at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Philadelphia played a central and indelible part in the struggle to end the evil that was slavery, even as the city itself was sharply and fiercely divided on the issue. Many Philadelphians who made it their purpose to crusade against the institutionalized bondage of African Americans did so against great opposition and often, great personal danger. Yet, they fought unflinchingly, eventually leading to the Emancipation Proclamation issued on January 1,1863. On this tour, hear the tales of their struggles and courage as we remember those who fought the good fight against that terrible scourge.

Tour Guide: Russ Dodge

Date: Sunday, June 19

Time: 1-3 PM

Cost: Free, but RSVP Required

This tour departs from Laurel Hill Cemetery’s Gatehouse entrance at 3822 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132. Information on directions and parking and visiting guidelines are linked to better plan your visit.