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Spirits and Spiritualists

Tuesday, September 26 at 6pm

In the 19th century, thousands of Philadelphians believed that they could communicate with the dead. All that it took was a darkened room, a circle of believers, and a sensitive medium. Other Philadel…

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Seven Deadly Sins in the Cemetery

Tuesday, October 3 at 6pm

The Victorian era is often noted for moral, straitlaced behavior—but Laurel Hill residents had their share of vices. Underneath all of the proper behavior lurked the temptation of the seven deadly s…

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Soul Crawl: Haunted Halloween History Tours

Friday, October 20 & Saturday, October 21 at 7pm

Laurel Hill Cemetery’s classic Halloween flashlight tours have become a mainstay of the season. Experience the enchanting art and landscape after dark, as an experienced tour guide leads you along w…

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General Meade’s Birthday Celebration

Sunday, December 31 at Noon

In life and in death, we all have stories to tell and what better place to hear tales of wonder than Philadelphia’s most famous home of the dead? Join Laurel Hill Cemetery for an informative overvie…

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