Laurel Hill Cemetery Sustainability Plan

Laurel Hill Cemetery Company is committed to offering our visitors, staff, neighbors, and fellow citizens a business focused on sustainability. We are steadfast in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, lessen the amount of waste we send to landfills, and improve the health and well-being of our employees.

Laurel Hill’s Sustainability Mission Statement

To embrace and implement strategies that positively exhibit our social, environmental and economic values in support of our families, employees and the community in perpetuity.

Laurel Hill has shown its commitment to Sustainability in the following areas…

Land Conservation & Biodiversity

At Laurel Hill, we understand the importance and value of the land and do our best to keep it healthy and productive. Our Land Conservation plan contains projects that allow us to focus on areas such as biodiversity protection and enhancement, reducing our carbon footprint, and maintaining a recreational and visually-pleasing venue for our visitors.

Protecting and preserving the lands at Laurel Hill Cemetery is important to us. We actively work on projects, like the following, to make sure the land is protected and flora and fauna are able to thrive:

  • Installed permeable pavement, to prevent runoff and erosion, starting in the medallion garden and continuing in various pathways throughout the cemetery.
  • Continued following our long-term tree planting plan by increasing the number of trees planted on the cemetery grounds each year.
  • Planted Liriope (also called “monkey grass” or “lily turf”), a low-care perennial, as turf replacement which requires less frequent cutting in order to reduce fuel use.
  • Initiated a research process to track and plan to improve biodiversity across the cemetery.

Energy Use & Waste Management

Energy use and waste can have negative impacts on the environment. At Laurel Hill we review opportunities and implement projects to conserve energy and reduce waste. Projects range from LED lighting retrofits, to solar powered mowers, to more conveniently located recycling bins.

At Laurel Hill, we strive to reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with fossil fuel use and sending waste to landfills. To combat these impacts, we take on projects, such as the following:

  • Established electricity, natural gas, gasoline, and diesel usage baselines and measured progress towards our goals.
  • Replaced all lighting fixtures across Laurel Hill with LEDs, including outdoor lighting, cemetery buildings, across the grounds, and inside mausoleums.
  • Completed de-lamping and removed fixtures in areas that were over lit.
  • Reduced unnecessary office equipment and replaced with energy efficient models.
  • Exploring opportunities for solar installation.
  • Installed bike racks at the Gatehouse entrance and a “wheeling ramp” at the Kelly Drive pedestrian entrance to encourage the use of bicycle transportation.
  • Reduced landfill waste by increasing the availability of recycling bins across the cemetery.
  • Actively encourage our visitors to dispose of waste properly with landfill and recycling bins placed conveniently around the property.

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Laurel Hill and West Laurel Hill Cemeteries are proud members of Greater Philadelphia Gardens.