Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery

In 1978, Drayton and Jane Smith, and John Francis Marion founded the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery. The Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and was established to support the Cemetery. The mission of the Friends is to assist the Laurel Hill Cemetery Company in preserving and promoting the historical character of Laurel Hill. In addition to developing and implementing educational programs at the Cemetery, the Friends sponsor special events, including Laurel Hill’s famous Halloween festivities, and offer both public and private tours of the site, often in collaboration with local schools, nonprofit groups, and historical organizations.

The main missions of the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery are to:

  1. Prepare, implement and promote educational programming, public outreach initiatives and research resources that emphasize the historical, aesthetic, architectural and cultural significance of Laurel Hill Cemetery
  2. Foster and support the restoration and preservation of the Cemetery’s monuments, statuary, historic Gatehouse and grounds
  3. Raise funds and seek contributed services to accomplish these goals